THE REST — 01 March 2016
Mayweather Doesn’t Miss Boxing “At All”

The main reason many think Floyd Mayweather will fight one more time is because he’s 49-0 and 50-0 just sounds better. But he’s not concerned with that because it’s becoming increasingly more evident that he does not plan on fighting again. I mean, he doesn’t really have anything else to gain (except money, of course).

When all-time greats walk away, sometimes have difficulty doing so, but such is not the case with Mayweather as he doesn’t miss boxing at all. Per ESPN

But doesn’t he miss fighting?

“No, not at all. Not at all. I’m blessed,” said Mayweather, who turned 39 last week. “I’m a lot older now. Next year, my son will be going to college. I had a great run.”

Does he ever spar for fun?

“Ain’t no more wear-and-tear on this body,” he replied. “This body [has] got to rest.”


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