NFL — 02 February 2016
Colin Kaepernicks Want Out of San Francisco, Prefers Jets

Once the most-talked-about player in the NFL, Colin Kaepernick has all but been forgotten. A forgettable 2015 campaign was highlighted by surgery and a benching. Now that the 49ers have Chip Kelly at the helm, it seems logical that the Niners would need Kap to run Kelly’s offense, but there hasn’t been any sort of announcement regarding the QB situation for next season.

According to a report in the NY Daily News, Kaepernnick wants out of San Francisco and would prefer the Jets. Is Chip Kelly’s arrival running Kap off? Either way, just because he wants out, doesn’t mean anything will happen.


The Daily News has learned that embattled 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick wants out of San Francisco after a forgettable 2015 that included on-field struggles that resulted in a benching midway through the season and a coaching change after it. The Jets are his preferred destination, according to sources.

The Jets are aware and intrigued by Kaepernick’s desire to play for them, but are still in the early stages of their offseason planning and evaluation, according to sources. They’re also deathly afraid of tampering (see: Darrelle Revis situation, circa 2015).


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  1. Let him go. Watch when NYC media a hold of him.

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