MLB — 19 January 2016
Pete Rose to be Inducted into Reds Hall of Fame

Pete Rose will probably never be allowed into baseball’s hall of fame, but that doesn’t mean the Cincinnati Reds can’t honor him. The all-time hits leader will be inducted into the team’s hall of fame this June, the team announced.

Rosed played for the Reds 15 seasons, won two titles with them and managed them for five more years. His transgressions aside, it’s good to see him be acknowledged somehow. But, it would interesting to hear why this decision was finally made.


I love how the team tweeted this at 4 a.m. Almost as an attempt to make the announcement while everyone was asleep, to minimize the potential backlash.

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  1. Good thing you were up at 4 am or you might not have heard about it, right?

    Why? Because it’s about time!

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