NBA — 15 December 2015
Steph Curry OK With Being Underpaid…For Now

Part of the reason the Golden State Warriors are able to assemble the team they currently have is largely due to the fact that Steph Curry is playing on a 4-year, $44 million deal. The list of marginal players making more than him is too lengthy and laughable to list. But, I’m sure you can probably imagine. When Curry’s contract is up, will they be able to keep this core in tact? Should be interesting.

But Curry isn’t worrying about money or his contract. He’s fine with where he is and probably knows that his pay day isn’t too far off, even though he pretty much acknowledges he’s criminally underpaid. But hey, it’s a deal he signed.

Per Yahoo!:

“I had to make a conscious decision and remind myself over and over [to let it go],” Curry said. “I could’ve had a different perspective and said, ‘I want to get everything that I could get, wait it out, test free agency that next year – and who knows what would’ve happened? But for me, a $44 million contract was plenty for me to be able to provide for my family. When I made a decision to sign an extension, I told myself that was the right decision for the moment. […] And, yeah, you should get paid market value, paid for what you’re worth, but at the time, for four years, I was comfortable with it. You can’t look back, because it’ll bring negativity. It’ll cause dissension in the team if you allow it to.”

“After three years, I’ve still got to remind myself every day,” Curry said. “Number one, there’s nothing I can do about it. There’s no point to moaning and complaining and trying to change something that really can’t be changed. I knew there might be a time down the road, after all the ankle injuries, that if I’m playing to my potential, it’s going to be human nature to think, ‘Oh, I should’ve done this, or that …’ […] [But] at the time, the counsel that I got from my family, my agent, myself, was that it was the right decision to make. With that, I could take care of my family and be good. And hopefully anything that happened after that would just be icing on the cake.”

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