THE REST — 03 December 2015
Porzingis: Our Fans Are Better than Brooklyn Fans

Kristaps Porzingis is going to do just fine with the Knicks. He already gets it and understands the subtle animosity between the Knicks and Nets.

The two NY City teams square off Friday night in a nationally televised game and Porzingis has begun some trash talk. It’s all in good fun, but this is exactly what this “rivalry” needs.

“Sometimes I see with a Brooklyn hat on, I say, ‘What is that? You need a Knicks hat,’” Porzingis said. “I joke around with them…

“I know our fans are better than Brooklyn’s fans,” he said. “It will be a good game. Brooklyn, they’re struggling this season. But they will try to win the rivalry as we want to win.”

H/T: NY Daily News

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