NFL — 04 December 2015
Petition to Kick Greg Hardy Out of NFL Signed by 72,000 People

The ability to play in the NFL and earn millions of dollars in a privilege, not a right and certain football fans are striving to make that point known. The fact that Greg Hardy is still on an NFL roster makes some people sick, given his alleged history with domestic abuse.

A petition started by an Eagles for now has 72,000 signatures as a way to get Hardy kicked out of the NFL.

As a Philadelphia Eagles fan, I am having an increasingly hard time supporting a league that gives players the privilege to play in the NFL despite these kind of actions. With the evidence publicly released, the next step is absolutely clear: Greg Hardy must go right now. Please sign my petition if you agree.

Something like this isn’t new. There was a similar effort in Pittsburgh when Michael Vick joined the Steelers. It’s not likely to have an impact, but at least it spreads awareness that so many people have an issue with him being employed by the league.

H/T: cbs sports

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