NBA — 17 December 2015
Lady Leaves Game on Stretcher After LeBron Runs Into Her

I’ve said for years that the fans are way too close to the action in the NBA. One day, someone is going to get seriously hurt. And that could be either a player of a fan. Tonight, it was the latter.

Late in the fourth quarter in a game vs. the Thunder, LeBron James flew into the stands in an attempt to save the ball. In doing so, he ran into a lady sitting courtside going full speed. It also looks like her body was the only thing that broke his fall. She left the building on a stretcher. In fact, this lady happened to be the wife of Jason Day, who was sitting right next to her.

This isn’t the fan’s fault, nor is it LeBron’s. But there’s about three feet separating the actual court and a courtside spectators feet. I realize the NBA wants the experience to be up-close and personal, but it’s just not a safe situation.


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