NBA — 16 December 2015
Kyrie Irving “Pissed Off” Cavs Won’t Let Him Play

Given his injury history in his brief career thus far, the Cavs are understandably cautious with bringing Kyrie Irving back into the fold. This is a championship or bust season, so rushing him back would be a huge mistake. They are likely to win the East, so they’d be wise to take their time.

But Kyrie is reportedly ready to return. It’s not hard to imagine that he’s eager to get back out there with all of the exciting PG play going on so far this season.

A source familiar with Kyrie Irving’s rehabilitation told the fifth-year guard is “ready to play” both mentally and physically and has been that way for about a week.

Irving has indeed been pestering the coaching staff and front office to allow him to return to the point that he has become “pissed off,” according to a source.


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