NBA — 27 August 2015
Brandon Jennings Willing to Come Off Bench

Brandon Jennings was supposed to be the Pistons’ franchise PG, but when they acquired Reggie Jackson after Jennings tore his Achilles, that put things in question. Especially when Detroit invested $80 million into Jackson.

But surprisingly, Jennings is fine with Jackson being there and he’s even willing to come off the bench. You don’t see that everyday and I’m sure this openness makes coach Stan Van Gundy happy.

“Bringing in Reggie Jackson was smart. I’m supposed to be out, really, for nine months, and they need a point guard. …

“My main thing is just to get healthy. Hey, if I have to come off the bench and be the sixth man or whatever, I’m fine with that. Man, I just want to play basketball again. I just want to get back on the court and have fun.”


It’s surprising to hear Jennings willingly give up his starting role so easily. Almost disappointing.


H/T: cbssports

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