LIFESTYLE — 26 May 2015
VIDEO: Colin Cowherd Suggests “Denying Minorities Jobs in America” to Help NFL’s Domestic Violence Issue

Credit Colin Cowherd for always speaking his mind. Having to talk for a living isn’t easy, so being candid is essential. However, that doesn’t mean what comes out of his mind at times isn’t nonsense. That was the case today. Again.

On Monday, the Bears’ Ray McDonald was released amid another domestic arrest. While he was with San Francisco, he had also been involved in domestic incidents, causing the 49ers to release him as well. According to Cowherd today on ESPN radio, the overarching issue is race-related and the NFL should keep out certain guys of a certain background. Or something like that. Cowherd’s rant is somewhat disjointed.

At certain times it sounds like he wants to “deny minorities, in America, jobs,” while other times he just want to dock NFL teams draft picks. Either way, he needs to be careful.

The following actually came out of his mouth: “I’m gonna read the last 20 guys arrested. Rodney, Antoine, Ahmad, D’Qwell, LaTroy. Are we comfortable denying minorities jobs in America?” That’s Cowherd for “See, those are stereotypical black names. Screen them before they get to the NFL Draft.”

This isn’t the first time Cowherd has said something controversial regarding race and it won’t be the last. But it is, however, his furthest leap. Hopefully tomorrow he’ll address his proposed protocol for when non “minorities” are in a similar scenario. We could name such players, but it truly isn’t worth it.

I heard this live while driving and nearly crashed. Lucky SportsGrid was able to secure video evidence of the lunacy. Hat-tip to them.

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