FEET — 19 May 2015
Skechers Surpasses adidas the Second Most Popular Sneaker Brand in U.S.

Perception is never the reality in the sneaker industry. Numbers and trends don’t always support what is generally perceived to be commonplace.

That’s the case with this latest news from Fortune regarding Skechers becoming the second most popular sneaker brand in the United States, surpassing adidas. Naturally, Nike and Jordan brand are comfortably number one.

This study takes into account the types of sneaker categories where Skechers is thriving, such as the running and walking department. Nevertheless, it’s a surprising finding to say the least. Per Fortune:

Nike and its Jordan brand still command a dominant 62% of the sneaker market. But Skechers grew to 5% market share last quarter. Third-place Adidas accounted for 4.6% of the market.

Though running shoes are still by far the most popular type of sneaker in the U.S., the growth in Skechers’s sales—up 29% last year—has mostly come from its casual and walking segments.

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