NBA — 14 May 2015
Iverson: I Didn’t Have the Handle Kyrie and Curry Have

When a young Allen Iverson hit Michael Jordan with two quick crossovers in Philly nearly 20 years ago, he ushered in a new generation of NBA ball-handling. That crossover was innovative and soon, other players in the league emulated it.

But despite that signature move (that he used less and less as he got older for some reason), Iverson isn’t really regarded as one of the best ball-handlers of all-time. His handle was above average of course, but it wasn’t on the level of someone like Kyrie Irving.

In fact, Iverson himself agrees. His documentary “Iverson” airs on Showtime this weekend, where he says his handle was inferior to Irving and Steph Curry. One thing I love about A.I. is he candor and humility. He comes across as very genuine and this speaks to that.


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