NBA — 27 April 2015
NBPA Announces Categories for Player Voted Awards

Several weeks ago, we mentioned that NBPA would be announcing awards that would be given out to players, solely voted on by the players. But up until now, we didn’t know what those awards would be. This all came about because guys like Kevin Durant complained that the media has too much say.

Again, these will have no impact on the standard awards you’re used to getting from the media.

Today the Player’s Association announced what those awards will be. Some are expected, but some aren’t. What exactly is the criteria for “Man of the Year”?

  • Most Valuable Player
  • Best Rookie
  • Man of the Year
  • Global Impact Player
  • Hardest to Guard
  • Clutch Performer
  • Coach You Would Want to Play For
  • Best Home Court Advantage
  • Player You Secretly Wish Was on Your Team

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