THE REST — 29 April 2015
Money Means More to Floyd Mayweather Than His Undefeated Record

In case you haven’t noticed, Floyd Mayweather is fond of money. You’ve probably also gathered that he’s fond of winning too. But if he had to put one against the other, he’d side with the money. His millions mean more to him than his undefeated record, in case you weren’t able to figure that out.

Boxing Junkie captured Floyd’s comments at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas regarding this topic:

Does money mean more to him than his zero (perfect record), Mayweather was asked? “Absolutely,” he said. “At the end of the day, my daughter can’t eat a zero. She can’t spend the boxing record.”


Also of note in that piece is Floyd’s plans on retiring after his next fight in September; the last of his six-fight, $200M Showtime deal.


“September, you know, will probably be my last fight,” he said.

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