NFL — 07 April 2015
LeSean McCoys Has Been Ignoring Chip Kelly’s Phone Calls

If you think you were caught off-guard by LeSean McCoy being traded to Buffalo, imagine how surprised LeSean McCoy was . It’s rare that such a valuable piece of an offense is dealt, seemingly out of the blue.

Even though he’s entered a new chapter of his career in Buffalo, that doesn’t mean LeSean can’t feel some justifiable resentment towards Chip Kelly and how everything went down.

According to, Chip Kelly has tried to call LeSean twice to explain why he was traded, but LeSean has been avoiding his calls like he would a Linebacker. So as far as McCoy is concerned, he doesn’t know why Kelly decided to trade him since the two have not spoken since the deal went down. Hard to blame McCoy for avoiding the calls.

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