NBA — 01 April 2015
LeBron Calls the Plays in Cleveland, Not David Blatt

LeBron James hasn’t been on the same page with Kevin Love and coach David Blatt this season. Regarding Love, their “rift” is well documented and maybe even a little overblown. With Blatt, it’s imperative that the best player and coach are speaking the same language. Well, not in Cleveland anyway.

LeBron reportedly calls the plays on offense and Blatt simply goes along with it. Huh?

The Princeton offense that David Blatt installed in the preseason, they just threw that out. What typically happens—and this has been happening for like three months now—is LeBron will take the ball, and LeBron will call the play. David Blatt will see what play LeBron calls, and he will repeat it to the team. That happens on a regular basis.”

H/T: ESPN via Deadspin

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