NBA — 17 April 2015
Carmelo Anthony Has Questioned His Decision to Stay With Knicks

This season was supposed to be a “throw away” season for the Knicks as it was widely understood that this campaign would be largely dedicated to shedding salary for next season. Even so, the Knicks were supposed to be competitive and maybe even challenge for the playoffs. Instead, they endured the worst season in franchise history.

That has apparently caused Carmelo Anthony to question whether or not he made the right decision in remaining in New York and not joining the Bulls. On the bright side, it can only get better next year as Phil Jackson is primed to land a few names this summer.

“I try to keep myself away from thinking like that, but as a human being, those thoughts definitely come into play,” he said. “You sit down at night, and you’re thinking, ‘Did I really make the right decision?’ and things like that.”


H/T: NY Times

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