NFL — 29 April 2015
Adrian Peterson on Playing For Cowboys: It Would Be Nice

Adrian Peterson is still under contract with the Vikings but will he play in Minnesota later this year? He doesn’t seem that eager to head back there and the Vikings aren’t pressed to trade him.

But there’s one place where Peterson wouldn’t mind playing if he were traded: Dallas. After all, he’s from Texas. With the loss of DeMarco Murray (yeah, they signed Darren McFadden, but still), Dallas wouldn’t miss a beat, even though Peterson is 30. But who knows how much more he has in the tank after that?

During Tuesday night’s NBA playoff game between Houston and Dallas, Peterson was asked what his thoughts were on possibly going to the Cowboys.

“It would be nice,” Peterson said, via WFAA-TV. “I’ve got family here; my dad’s here. But I’m under contract, so we’ll see.”


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