NBA — 09 March 2015
Video: Draymond Green Destroys Dahntay Jones in Locker Room After Post-Game Bump

In today’s NBA, guys don’t like to admit when they have a rivalry with another team. It’s almost as if they don’t want to give the other team that much credit. But as far as the Western Conference is concerned, the Clippers and Warriors are pretty much a rivalry. They meet regularly in the playoffs, and when they do, it’s a physical matchup.

Yesterday afternoon, the Warriors topped the Clippers on a nationally televised game on ABC and during an on-court post-game interview with Lisa Salters, the Warriors’ Draymond Green was bumped by the Clippers’ Dahntay Jones. It’s looks intentional, and Green’s reaction was amusing:

Green’s reaction set the internet on fire. But that was nothing compared to his comments in the locker room when reporters asked him about it. I can’t remember a guy devoting this much time towards roasting an opponent like this. Jones deserved it, though.

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