NBA — 18 March 2015
Derrick Rose’s Rehab is Ahead of Schedule

Luckily for Bulls fans, Derrick Rose’s injury wasn’t as serious as initially thought and happened early enough to where he could make a return this season…if he chooses to. It has been reported that he’ll be healthy enough to return for the playoffs and according to Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau, Rose may actually be ahead of schedule. But that doesn’t mean for a second he’ll rush back.

Even Derrick Rose (right knee), entering week three of the 4-6 week timetable laid out by Bulls doctors and management, lightly participated, going through non-contact activities.

“It’s the next phase of his rehab,” said Thibodeau, while adding Rose could be slightly ahead of the rehab schedule. “He still has to obviously strengthen the knee. But it was good. He did a lot of non-contact stuff. It’s a good step for him.”


H/T: CSN Chicago

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