NBA — 01 February 2015
Watch Richard Sherman’s Reaction to Game-Ending Interception in Super Bowl

Richard Sherman reacted like most of America when his coach made the dumbest play call in recent memory:


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  1. Sherman got all he deserved and more

  2. Yes it was a real bad coaching decision. That said, the fact the ball lands on the receiver after a beautiful deflection from Butler was unbelievable. IT WAS PURE JUSTICE AND ONE OF THE GREATEST SB ENDINGS FOR MALCOLM BUTLER TO COME OUT THE HERO. The kid did a great job-PERIOD! No question the Seahawks are a great organization and Lynch’s comment after the game show’s he is a class act. BUT NOTHING SHOULD BE TAKEN AWAY FROM A GREAT GAME AND THE PATS ARE CHAMPIONS!

  3. this is kind of mean, i suppose, but richard…you sad, bro?, and, come on the camera’s watching, wipe your nose!

  4. Priceless. U mad bro


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