NBA — 03 February 2015
Video: Horace Grant Tells Story of Jordan Beating Up Will Perdue

The legend of Michael Jordan being a fiery competitor wasn’t just a myth. We’ve always heard that Bulls practices were insanely intense. Jordan slapping Steve Kerr in the face during a practice is well documented, but that wasn’t Mike’s only run-in with a teammate. Apparently there was an incident that included a closed fist.

According to Horace Grant, who was a guest on New York’s Hot 97 radio station a few days ago, MJ beat up 7’0″ Will Perdue during a practice.

We think Kobe Bryant is bad with his teammates, but he had nothing on MJ. Imagine if there was Twitter back then.  Take a listen, beginning at the 4:38 mark.

H/T: No Coast Bias

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