NBA — 09 February 2015
LeBron Accuses Media Of “Making a Story” Regarding Him and Kevin Love

Even though the Cavs have been winning, Kevin Love hasn’t fully immersed himself into the offense. Love feels as if he doesn’t have a defined role. That prompted LeBron James to subtweet (referencing someone without actually mentioning them) his own teammate over the weekend:

When asked about that cryptic tweet before Sunday’s game versus the Lakers, LeBron acknowledged it was about Love.

“It’s not a coincidence, man,” James told a small group of reporters after the game. James initially denied the tweet had anything to do with the Cavaliers when asked with a larger group of reporters present and cameras rolling. “It wasn’t even about this team. It was more about people in general,” James said. “It was just a general thought that I had, and obviously, whatever thought I had people try to encrypt it and Da Vinci Code it and all that stuff. It’s just a general thought. That’s all that is. “And people are always trying to fit out instead of fitting in, instead of being a part of something special. And that’s all that was about.”

LeBron’s explanation isn’t entirely clear and led most people to wonder why he wouldn’t just talk to his teammate if he had an issue with them. I think that’s a logical question. Apparently, LeBron didn’t appreciate the alleged spin the media has put on his Love subtweet, because he fired these off this morning:



I’m not sure what was twisted by the media, but fact remains: this is only news because LeBron didn’t just go talk to his teammate.

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