NBA — 29 January 2015
Videos: Marshawn Lynch’s Silence is His New Brand

Marshawn Lynch’s unwillingness to speak to the media is far more entertaining and fascinating than anything he’d probably say. So, personally, I like it this way. With instances like this and this, what’s not to like?

But apparently, if you pay Lynch, he’ll talk to you all day. His silence has become his brand and he is making money all because he doesn’t want to speak to the media. These two ads below were just released during Super Bowl week, and definitely wouldn’t be as entertaining if Lynch was one of those guys who spoke all the time.

But it’s not just commercials. Apparently, he just needs to feel comfortable in order to loosen up. Here he is chopping it up with Rob Gronkowski and Conan O’Brien (probably paid here, too).

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  1. in response, wouldn’t we the buying public have to give his “brand” the ‘silent’ treatment? that’s really the only appropriate way to respond, or NOT…no further comments!

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