NBA — 14 October 2014
NBA Considering Shortening Games to 44-Minutes

From the moment he took over from David Stern, Adam Silver has appeared determined to shake up the league as much as possible. If you’ve been paying attention, you’ve noticed things such as an extended all-star break.

For his next trick, Silver is considering shortening games to 44-minutes, down from 48. The Celtics and Nets will play an experimental 44-minute preseason game where the powers-that-be will take a look at the flow. They’ll play four 11-minute quarters, rather than 12

I’m all for change and innovation, but Silver is doing too much too soon. “If it ain’t broke…”

Per USA Today:

“We have looked at everything that we do and are taking a fresh look at all the different things we do,” NBA president of basketball operations Rod Thorn said. “One of the things that keeps coming up is our schedule and the length of our games. … Our coaches talked about it, and a lot of them seemed to be in favor of at least taking a look at it. We talked with our competition committee, and they were in favor of taking a look at it.”

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