NBA — 23 October 2014
Kevin Love is Already Complaining About His Role With the Cavs

The season hasn’t even started yet and it already sounds like Kevin Love is complaining about his new role with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Through a handful of preseason games, Love would like more touches in the the paint than what he’s had so far.

Sounds alot like what we heard Chris Bosh say for the last four years. Well, Love had better get used to it. I mean, what did he expect playing with LeBron and Kyrie? Besides, he often times seems like he’d rather shoot 3s so hopefully he’ll adjust.

“My entire life I’ve played the game from inside-out,” Love explained. “So the more touches I can get inside to get myself going, the better. I’m not accustomed to starting out a game shooting a three, so it’s just something that I see.

“I’m 26-years-old and I’ve been playing basketball for quite a long time. Just finding ways to mix it up. If anything, keeping it around the basket a little bit more and the offense will allow me to get offensive rebounds. That will be tough for teams with Andy [Varejao] and myself and Tristan [Thompson] in there.”


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