NBA — 02 September 2014
Tracy McGrady Attempting NBA Comeback

When playing a particular sport is all you’ve come to know in your life, it must be extremely difficult to face the realization that you can no longer cut it. We see it all the time. On the surface, it seemed as if Tracy McGrady handled his retirement from the NBA gracefully. But then there was an ill-fated, short-lived baseball career, and now a potential attempt to get back in the NBA, per Yahoo! Separation anxiety is the only thing that can explain this away.

He’s been working out with Kobe Bryant of all people as a litmus test.

“Yes, I was working out with K.B. to get in shape and see how my body feels,” McGrady told Yahoo Sports in an email Tuesday night.

McGrady was barely able to hang on to a roster spot in San Antonio his final season, so I’m not sure how any of this is physically possible now that he’s been away from the game for more than a year. But more power to him for going after it. In the Yahoo! piece, it is made clear that money is not the driving force behind this since he’s still getting a bunch of China love:

McGrady is contractually obligated to a lucrative basketball tour of China in October, which would make it impossible for him to try and make an NBA team in training camp. McGrady is still an immensely popular figure in China, dating back to his partnership with Yao Ming on the Houston Rockets.


It’s merely for the love of the game. Good luck with that, Tracy. We wish you well.

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