NFL — 10 September 2014
Roger Goodell Implies Ray Rice’s Legal Team Lied During the NFL Investigation

Now that Ray Rice is out of the picture, the focus has now shifted to how NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has handled the entire situation. Players and organizations are calling for him to step down. Sure, the initial two game suspension was laughable but Goodell has acknowledged that he mishandled the situation.

For the first time since the Ray Rice video became public, Roger Goodell has spoken. In doing, he reiterates that he did not see the video prior to this week and he even implies  to USA Today that Ray Rice and his representation lied during the league’s investigation.

He also said that Rice and his representatives told him a different story about what happened in the Atlantic City elevator than what he saw on the video. While he would not reveal those details, he called them “ambiguous.”

“There was no ambiguity when you saw that tape (Monday),” he said. “It was sickening. It was appalling. It was clear that it was not consistent with what they presented to us in the hearing and we needed to take the right step which is to indefinitely suspend him.”


This will probably soon turn into a case of “he said, he said” between Goodell and Rice’s legal team.

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