NBA — 24 September 2014
Phil Jackson: Kobe Trained Harder than Jordan

Phil Jackson has never shied away from the Michael Jordan vs. Kobe Bryant debate. In some instances, he has given Kobe the edge. Phil isn’t one of those people who are afraid to say anything negative about MJ, or say that someone did something better than him.

In a recent Q&A with the New York Post (read the full interview here), Jackson, unprompted, decided to give Kobe the nod again:

Q: Is Kobe Bryant the model for Carmelo Anthony?


A: “No. No one can approach that. I don’t expect anybody to be able to model their behavior after that, although Kobe modeled his behavior a lot about Michael Jordan, but he went beyond Michael in his attitude towards training, and I know Mike would probably question me saying that, but he did.”

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