NFL — 04 September 2014
Josh Gordon to Sell Cars During His NFL Suspension

Josh Gordon’s 1-year suspension from the NFL was upheld, and he’s unable to play for the CFL while suspended. Therefore, the man must do something to supplement the roughly $900,000 he earned last season. According to ESPN, Gordon will take a job at a car dealership in Ohio.


The 23-year-old Gordon, who lead the NFL last season in receiving yardage, will work in all aspects of the Randolph, Ohio-based dealer group’s car business, including as an on-floor salesman.

Gordon also will be heading all of Sarchione’s local community efforts, including with the Wounded Warrior Project. He is scheduled to start this weekend.


No shame in that. At least it’s an honest living for a year. We’re unsure as to how this all came to pass but one thing’s for sure: this dealership will get plenty of people stopping by who have absolutely no desire to purchase a vehicle.


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  1. It may beat sitting at home all day playing video games but there aint much cheddar to be made from selling cars as compared to pulling down close to a mil playing ball. I honestly hope that its a wake up call for Josh because he is next-level talented and it would be a waste if he gets exiled from the NFL. Say NO josh cause I’m sure ur weed buddies aint working nowhere.

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