NBA — 11 September 2014
Adam Silver Doesn’t Think Danny Ferry Should Be Fired

Everyone has an opinion when it comes to the Atlanta Hawks and Danny Ferry. That includes league commissioner, Adam Silver. While in Spain for the FIBA World Cup, Silver was asked his thoughts, by USA Today, about the whole situation and he doesn’t feel that Ferry should lose his job over this. Based on these comments, don’t expect the NBA to intervene.

This, however, doesn’t mean the Atlanta Hawks won’t take action because they’re facing a ton of pressure both locally and nationally.

“The discipline of a team employee is typically determined by the team, and in this case the Hawks hired a prestigious Atlanta law firm to investigate the circumstances of Danny Ferry’s clearly inappropriate and unacceptable remarks,” Silver said. “In my view, those comments, taken alone, do not merit his losing his job.

“It’s a question of context … These words, in this context, understanding the full story here, the existence of the scouting report, the fact that he was looking at the scouting report as a reference when he was making these remarks, what I’m saying is — and frankly my opinion — is that this is a team decision in terms of what the appropriate discipline is for their employee. But if I’m being asked my view, I’m saying that, based on what I know about the circumstances, I don’t think it’s a terminable offense.”



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  1. Are you serious? Ferry should be never allowed to attend basketball games again or be involved with basketball. A white racist slime ball’s comment against a well respected black player is not a crime???? Not racism in the “opinion” of White Guy Silver? Then both of them should be kicked out and Silver should be not allowed even selling basketball shoes. What a two faced racist. Obama should step up asking the firing of Silver and Ferry. All the black players incl. Jackson (the father and not the son who is in jail), Sharpton should boycott basketball until both slime ball white men Ferry and Silver are gone for ever. And I am not black.

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