NBA — 12 August 2014
Steve Ballmer Will Not Attempt to Move Clippers to Seattle

When the group of Seattle investors lost out in their attempt to bring the Sacramento Kings to the Pacific Northwest, many got the feeling that wasn’t the last we’d hear of such an attempt in the near term. Ironically, Steve Ballmer was a member of that group. Therefore, when he expressed interest in buying the Los Angeles Clippers for $2 billion, the initial reaction was that Ballmer would try again.

Ballmer is now officially the owner of the Clippers as of today, but he says he has absolutely no intentions on trying to move the team, per the Seattle Times:

But Ballmer reiterated, as he has several times since making the bid, there’s no chance he’ll eventually move the Clippers to Seattle. He said the NBA would never allow it and he paid the price he did because the Clippers are a Los Angeles-based team.

“Probably most people will tell you I paid an L.A. beachfront price, not a Seattle beachfront price for the team,” he said. “I’m not crazy.”

Ballmer is reportedly worth $20 billion, so clearly he’s a bright man who has thought out that decision. But this doesn’t mean he won’t change his tune in the next decade or so. Because there may come a time when the Clippers revert back to being the Clippers again.

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