NBA — 04 August 2014
Andrew Wiggins Still Hasn’t Spoken to LeBron

If this isn’t a clear indicator that Andrew Wiggins will not be in Cleveland for the long haul, I don’t know what is. Not only did LeBron omit Wiggins from his “I”m Coming Home” letter, and now this. Granted, I’m sure LeBron hasn’t spoken to many of his new teammates, but you’d think he’d at least reach out to the heralded rook, right?

Is LeBron just too busy, as Wiggins hypothesizes, or is LeBron purposely not wanting to be buddy-buddy with a guy who will be shipped out soon? Probably the latter. Here’s Wiggins’ take, per the NY Post:

“No. I’m sure he’s busy,” Wiggins said. “I feel like I’m busy, so I am sure he’s busy.”

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