NBA — 10 July 2014
Web Geek Says LeBon’s Site Has Built Unpublished Pages in Cavs Colors

So, this is what it has come to. LeBron James making a very important life decision isn’t being announced soon enough for us, so we must resort to desparate, and arguably pathetic measures.

Web geeks have apparently determined that (where the announcement will ultimately be made public for the first time) has unpublished pages that have been built in Cleveland Cavaliers team colors. The obvious assumption is that the web developer is getting the info ready for when LeBron is prepared to make the news public.

From Grantland’s Matt Borcas on Twitter


This may not be enough to go on, and could also be a reach. Or inaccurate.  However, many other signs over the past few days point towards Cleveland (which means nothing as well). Conclusion: we all still have absolutely no idea.

H/T: ProbasketballTalk

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