NBA — 10 July 2014
The Cleveland Cavaliers Don’t Need LeBron James

By Ron Leyba

The Cleveland Cavaliers and the Miami Heat are the two teams left in the race for LeBron James, according to all the latest reports. Cleveland appears to be eager to re-acquire King James, as he is supposed to rapidly increase its chances to win the NBA Championship next season. But do the Cavs really need LeBron? Or should they just move on without him?

Since LeBron took “The Decision” to abandon Cleveland and seek for a better destination, one which would offer him better chances to win a championship ring, the Cavs have made lots of changes. They have added three No.1 draft picks and several more prospects within the top 10. As a matter of fact, they have now managed to form one of the most talented teams in the NBA.

With the addition of Andrew Wiggins a few days ago through the draft, the Cavaliers now have a core of young and extremely talented players. Kyrie Irving is a franchise point guard, a superstar who is constantly getting better. Dion Waiters is another very capable, emerging guard and Andrew Wiggins now came to complete a very talented, athletic and constantly improving perimeter for the Cavs. And even if the Cavaliers decide to trade Waiters away, as some rumors during the 2013 – 2014 season hinted, they will definitely get some valuable pieces in return.

On top of that, after LeBron takes his “Decision 2.0” and if he doesn’t choose Cleveland as his destination, the Cavaliers will turn their attention towards adding more talent in their frontcourt. And that good news is that they will have lots of money to spend but also lots of assets to form trades. The Cavs just recently cleared up some more cap space by trading away Jarrett Jack to the Brooklyn Nets. So, the Cavs will definitely be in a position to bring two or even more capable big man to match with their young perimeter players. Of course, the Cavaliers are still looking to develop Anthony Bennett, their No.1 selection out of last year’s draft.

So, the talent is definitely there. All the Cavaliers now need is time. They will need some time to see all those young players developing into solid contributors. They will need to allow some time to their new head coach, David Blatt, to cook up his plan for the near future.

Next season, the Cavaliers should be able to return to the playoffs, for their first time since LeBron left Cleveland. And they can definitely achieve that without him. They may not be the No.1 favorites for the title, but they are definitely amongst the top five or six teams from the Eastern Conference to enter the 2014 – 2015 campaign.

In other words, why should Cleveland choose to trust its future to the man who decided to depart when things got tough, instead of continuing to be the leader of the franchise and try to put the team into a position to win the NBA Championship?

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