LIFESTYLE — 01 July 2014
Pic: Warren Sapp Stiffs Restaurant Server on Tip, Sapp Explains

In 2014, nothing is sacred. Especially when you’re in the public eye and stiff a restaurant server on a tip. Allegedly. That’s apparently what happened with Warren Sapp today as he was taking in the U.S./Belgium World Cup match.

This server did what any self-respecting person would do in this situation: she tweeted a picure of it.


It looks like Sapp wrote “Boys don’t tip!” on it as well. And yes, his name is printed on the receipt so it looks pretty legit. I’m sure we’ll here from Sapp about this as it makes its way around the internet.

After being called out for this on Twitter, Sapp defended his case:



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  1. Totally UNCOOL! Maybe next time someone will spit in his food. What a cheap ###!

  2. Totally UNCOOL! He better hope people don’t spit in his food now when he goes out to eat. CHEAP A##!

  3. What a sorry ass loser, I use to work for tips and you have to claim 8% of your sales to taxes. So not only did she not receive anything for her efforts but it cost her $4.80 to wait on that fat slob. If you can’t afford to eat out go to McDonalds……………..

  4. Ridiculous – I am sure that he ate every bit of that food…never mind the beer. (Warren doesn’t look like he’s ever starved in the last 20 years.)

    The restaurant couldn’t “ruin” that bucket of Heineken….

    “Boys” was probably just her way of flirting…..OR maybe they were acting like “boys”…

  5. I doubt we’ll ever know what really happened…but, waiters & waitresses who suck @ their job or are disrespectful do not deserve a tip.

    • How do you know she was a bad waitress or disrespectful. Maybe Warren was just being a celebrity and thinking he doesn’t owe anyone anything and that he deserves to be treated special. Maybe she doesn’t suck at her job and Warren just sucks at life !!!!

      • She is probably as good a waitress as Warren is a commentator.

    • I, for one, am tired of having servers come up to my table and say “Hi guys” or “wazzup” or something equally irritating. Servers should act professional and do their job. You can be friendly without acting like I am your drinking buddy. I agree with Warren, if I was being called “boys” I wouldn’t leave a tip either. Just like asking “Do you need your change?” It seems to imply, “if not, don’t let the door hit you in the ass”. Try getting the change, thanking a customer for coming in (like your employer would want you to do) when you return with the change, and then see what happens.

      • Well said brother. Personally I am not a big Warren Sapp fan – but, to my admittedly perhaps old fashioned way of thinking, a tip is a TIP – something given for good service – not an obligated part of the price and the customer paying the wages for the owner. I doubt if Sapp would have stiffed her w/o feeling he had just cause – and I say good for him ( and again, good comment).

  6. So, Warren is a piece of crap and I despise him, BUT there are always two sides to a story.

    If he got bad service, good for him for not leaving a tip…

  7. This may not be good for Sap. I know plenty of waiters and if a well known person does this, every waiter in the world that knows who he is will spit in his food wherever he eats. I KNOW THEY WILL.

  8. Call him what you want, but I’m taking the man’s word, if the service was as poor as he says, than she didn’t deserve a tip. I REFUSE to provide a tip to a waiter/waitress if I’ve been treated like crap all night. If tips are so important to a server, than the service we receive as consumers should always be top notch… I’m a great tipper when I get great service, I value that type of service because I’ve gotten crappy service more times than good!

  9. Bad service, the tip reflects that. You tip for good service, not that someone just delivered your purchased item. Delivering the food is in the price of the purchase good service is not. Sapp ,did the right thing.

  10. What happened to the day when a TIP was exactly that, A TIP. The service should reflect the tip amount, from 0 to whatever…I happen to be a very good tipper. But I expect good service. Sapp clearly has plenty of money so if he decided NOT to tip this server, then maybe the server needs to check herself. Everyone has this belief that there is some sort of entitlement in life. If you are a server, GIVE THE BEST SERVICE. If you don’t like your job-quit! A side from that, yes, sometimes we don’t get what we expect, even when we do a good job. In this case, I say lets see both sides and understand that I don’t have to tip – PERIOD!

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