NBA — 31 July 2014
Pat Riley Had No Indication LeBron Was Leaving Miami

When the Finals concluded, even though he was coy in his final press conference after game 5’s loss to the Spurs, many felt as if LeBron James was returning to the Heat. Not many felt Cleveland was in the cards. We were all in for a rude awakening about three weeks later.

Apparently, so was Pat Riley. A few days before LeBron’s decision was made public, James met with Pat Riley in Vegas. According to Riley, LeBron gave no indication that he was leaning towards leaving. However, Pat should realize that this is a business above all, and opened up to the Sun-Sentinel about the whole ordeal.

“I went in with the notion that he was coming back. So I was selling it to players. I let him know that prior to free agency, that was the direction I was going. He never said to me, ‘Don’t do that.’ I don’t think I was misled. But I don’t think I was encouraged either. That’s business.”


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