NBA — 07 July 2014
LeBron, Pat Riley to Meet as LeBron-to-Cavs Rumors Intensify

Ironically, today marks the four year anniversary of LeBron James’ “The Decision.” Also ironic is the fact that today is the four year anniversary for the people who still haven’t gotten over “The Decision.” But will that all change?

In an interesting turn of events, the Cleveland Cavaliers have reportedly emerged as a viable option for LeBron. In fact, some believe they are the lead in this James sprint.  This of course, would have to be preceded by some sort of public apology by Dan Gilbert to James, given his childish behavior following LeBron’s departure.

The fact of the matter is that even with the Big 3 opting out of their deals in Miami, there just simply isn’t enough cap flexibility for Pat Riley to do anything substantial.

That, coupled with the fact that the Rockets are hot and heavy after Chris Bosh makes all of this very interesting. In the case of Bosh, he’s probably not going to be offered the max in Miami, but he may in Houston, which probably would mean a similar salary.

LeBron is, however, scheduled to meet face-to-face with Pat Riley later this week.

Carmelo Anthony may also be impacted here. While the Knicks have already offered him the max, he may be waiting to make his final decision because he wants to see what transpires in Miami. If Bosh does leave, that frees up money for Melo in South Beach, assuming that’s even of interest for him.

The moral of all of this is that LeBron is the most powerful man in the NBA. Adam Silver included.

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