NBA — 30 July 2014
Kevin Durant on Staying With Thunder Beyond 2016: “We’ll See”

Kevin Durant and LeBron James appear to be pretty good friends. That was no more evident than when James’ Heat beat Durant’s Thunder in the Finals, and they were working out together that following summer. Strange.

With LeBron going back to Cleveland, just about every NBA player asked seems to think it’s great and are “happy” for LeBron. Durant is no different as you can imagine. While in Vegas for Team USA practice, Durant was asked about LeBron’s decision. KD is from the D.C.-area and was also asked about playing for his hometown Wizards. He doesn’t exactly make it sound like he thinks it’s a terrible idea.

“I thought it was well thought out, it was classy,” Durant said of James’ decision. “It’s fun to see a guy think about more than just basketball for once, and himself … He thought about the city where he comes from, northeast Ohio and how he could affect so many kids bigger than basketball. I love that.

“So many guys get criticized for making a decision, what’s best for them, instead of what’s best for everybody else and here was a guy that did that and you’ve got to respect him. I applauded him. I texted him and told him congratulations on that decision and I was happy for him.”

Durant becomes a free agent in 2016 and if he were to opt-out, there goes his “darling of the NBA”mystique. I don’t see the Thunder winning a title in the next two seasons, so he may want to head East where the road is much easier.

Durant was asked Tuesday if winning it all would make a difference in his 2016 decision, to which he predictably offered an affirmative.

“Two (championship) years straight? That would be cool,” Durant said. “It would definitely be tough to (leave then). That’s one of those things where you’ve got a dynasty now. But like I said, I don’t want to think too far down the line. I’m trying to focus on today. I love my teammates, my coaches, the front office, the city, but we’ll see.”





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