LIFESTYLE — 25 July 2014
Joel Embiid Has Been Trying to Get at Rihanna via Twitter, So She Has Followed Him

Philadelphia 76ers rookie Joel Embiid has been quite the character so far. Even though he probably won’t play this year due to injury, he’s been providing some innocent commedy on Twitter.

It first began with his recruitment of LeBron James. Then it transitioned to his pursuit of Kim Kardashian. Now, he’s on to Rihanna:




Then, he took it a step further and changed his Twitter avi to show him and her. Well, his hard work is paying off, as Rihanna is his latest twitter follow as you can see in the above pic. We’re not mad at you, Joel.

It doesn’t appear as if he’s aware of this yet, because there will surely be many comedic tweets from him about this. He’s probably still asleep. We’ll have to wait and see.


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