NBA — 21 July 2014
Coach K Would Trade Wiggins For Kevin Love With ‘No Hesitancy’

The Kevin Love-for-Andrew Wiggins quandary is one that will have basketball circles talking for a while. Do you trade a guy with “major upside” for a proven commodity for a chance to win now? Some say yes, while others disagree.

According to reports over the weekend, Minnesota wants more than just Wiggins, Anthony Bennett and a future 1st round pick for Kevin Love’s services. It remains to be seen how long these two teams engage in this staring contest but if it were up to Coach K, he’s trade Wiggins for Love in a second.

“There’s absolutely not one second of hesitancy. I’d trade for Kevin Love,” Coach K said. “That’s not saying anything bad about any of the other youngsters. Love’s an All-Star and he’s a double-double guy. But he’s a double-double guy who can spread the court. There aren’t many double-double guys who can spread the floor; he can go inside and outside. There may be a low post player that gets you a double double, but Love, you can do a lot of different things with him….

“I’ve coached him on two teams, and no pun intended, I love Kevin Love,” he said. “You look at LeBron, and you have the best player in the world. He’s 29, I’m not saying he’s at the end of his career, but he’s in the second-half of his career. And in the first half of his career he was becoming a great player. It took time, just like with Andrew Wiggins, it takes time. LeBron is a great player right now, you do not want to waste any year of a great player’s career. Love is close to being that. He’s not as great a player as LeBron, but he’s there. You know who Love is right now.”

H/T: CBS Sports

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