NBA — 09 July 2014
Cavs Clear Cap Space For LeBron, Pursuing Ray Allen

What at first seemed like a fairy tale, may really be taking shape now. Two interesting LeBron-back-to-Cleveland developments have transpired this morning. In order for the Cavs to sign LeBron, it would have to be for max money. No two ways about that. Therefore, they have to shed some salary, which is what they have done by way of a three-way trade. Here’s how it shakes out:

Nets receive Jarrett Jack and Sergey Karasev. Celtics receive Tyler Zeller, Marcus Thornton and a future first-round pick. Cavs receive cap space.

That cap space now makes enough room for LeBron.

In the second turn of events, Cleveland is reportedly after Ray Allen, who has stated that he would return this season if he’s able to play with LeBron. But let’s make this clear: by no means does any of this mean LeBron is now obligated to return to Cleveland. The Cavs making these moves aren’t LeBron’s fault.

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