NBA — 27 June 2014
Why Derrick Rose Chose Kevin Love over Carmelo Anthony

By Ron Leyba

A latest report from Chicago states that the Bulls’ superstar point guard Derrick Rose would prefer to play alongside Kevin Love rather than Carmelo Anthony. As the report states, Rose believes that Love is much more of a team player than Melo and he would be a better fit for the Bulls. Chicago is eyeing both Love and Anthony and it will go deep into the chase for either superstar during the summer.

The reason why Rose chose Love over Melo is obvious. The Chicago Bulls already have a ball – dominant player. That’s no other than Derrick Rose, who is the Bulls’ starting point guard but he is also the one who finishes most of the offensive possessions, when he is not sidelined with an injury.

So, placing another ball – dominant player like Carmelo Anthony alongside Rose doesn’t make much sense. At least for Rose, it would make much more sense to play together with a player like Kevin Love, who can be characterized as a spot up shooter.

The Chicago Bulls, of course, will go after both Love and Melo. Rose’s opinion will have a minimum effect on the Bulls’ final decision to go after either superstar. It won’t be easy for Chicago to land any of the two megastars. Love could be acquired only through a trade and the Bulls don’t have that many assets to offer to the Minnesota Timberwolves as an exchange. At the same time, there are several other teams which have much better trade packages than the Bulls and currently stand more chances to land Love.

But if somehow Chicago manages to add Love to its arsenal, most probably by shipping away Carlos Boozer alongside some other assets, the Bulls will become one of the most lethal teams in the NBA. Assuming that Rose returns at his 100 percent, he will be the main facilitator and also the main finisher for the Bulls, Kevin Love will be the Bulls’ perimeter threat and Joakim Noah will be manning the middle. This definitely seems like an ideal scenario for Chicago and that’s what Rose had in mind when he commented about his preference.

In regards to Carmelo Anthony, the 30 –year old superstar just recently announced that he will opt – out of his contract thus becoming an unrestricted free agent. It will be much easier for the Chicago Bulls to land Melo rather than Love. In order for Chicago to ink Carmelo, Carlos Boozer would most probably have to be amnestied or traded away. That’s because the Chicago Bulls will have to create some salary space and be able to offer Melo a maximum contract.

With Anthony onboard, the Chicago Bulls will instantly become one of the most powerful contenders in the Eastern Conference. Even if Rose believes that Anthony is not the best fit for Chicago, the Bulls will have a star trio of Joakim Noah, Derrick Rose and Carmelo Anthony that seems capable of placing the team into a championship course.

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