NBA — 13 June 2014
What’s Next For the Knicks?

By Ron Leyba

The hiring of the new head coach, Derek Fisher, meant big news to the New York Knicks. Now the team can focus on getting prepared for a playoff run next season and Phil Jackson can finally start performing all the necessary moves to help this team move forward. So, what’s next for the New York Knicks, now that they found their next head coach?

No.1:  Changes

The firing of Mike Woodson and the hiring of Derek Fisher are just two of the many changes we are most probably going to see over the next couple of years in New York. We can expect changes at every position related to the head coach. We can also expect a few roster tweaks although the Knicks have a limited financial flexibility and some big fat contracts they won’t be able to trade. But the arrival of Fisher as the new Head Coach of the Knicks in combination with Phil Jackson’s presence will certainly change the Knicks’ organization, hopefully towards a better course.

No.2: Carmelo Anthony’s case

The first big question, the one about who’s going to be the next head coach of the team, has now been answered. The next burning question, the puzzle Fisher and Jackson will have to solve is of course Carmelo Anthony’s case. With Melo having the option to become an unrestricted free agent and with legendary teams like the Los Angeles Lakers and the Dallas Mavericks waiting in the corner, the Knicks will have to do their best to retain Melo. Fisher’s addition might assist towards that direction.

Anthony would be a fit for the triangle offense which Fisher and the Knicks are expected to implement next season, with the blessings of Phil Jackson of course. On top of that, Derek Fisher is a respected figure around the NBA and he served as the players’ president and leader during the lockout period a couple of years ago. So, at the moment, the Knicks can stay optimistic about their chances to re-sign Carmelo Anthony

No.3: Trades, upgrades and more

The New York Knicks won’t be able to perform any blockbuster trades unless Carmelo wants out and he somehow agrees with the Knicks on a sign-and-trade deal. In that case, if all the efforts Phil Jackson and the rest of the Knicks’ officials to retain Melo fail, they will most probably have to agree on such a trade. It’s better to get something in return rather than nothing. As a matter of fact, the Knicks could get significant value out of such a trade or great assets for the future.

Apart from Melo, New York might decide to trade away its two young and tempting assets, Iman Shumpert or Tim Hardaway Jr. In fact, the Knicks have been involved in several trade rumors and scenarios since the beginning of the 2013 – 2014 season. The point guard spot is one that currently needs an upgrade for the Knicks and we might as well see them adding some depth to their bench. The additions of a few veterans would definitely help them do better next season. In overall, the Knicks will have around $91 million in their books for next season, if both Amar’e and Melo exercise their player options so it’s obvious that they don’t have many options available.

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