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Top 5 Destinations For Luol Deng

By Ron Leyba

Luol Deng will be one of the top free agents this summer and in fact, he could be one of the biggest names to change teams during the offseason. There will be several times interested in acquiring his talents. Let’s examine the top 5 destinations for Luol Deng.

Cleveland Cavaliers

The Cavs seem to be straying from the possibility of re – signing Luol Deng, especially if the price becomes too high. However, Cleveland continues to be one of the top destinations for Deng this summer. The Cavs are going on with their roster construction and Deng could be a piece of the puzzle. Although Deng’s impact to the Cavaliers’ results hasn’t been a significant one, he still appears to be a nice fit.

Los Angeles Lakers

The Lakers are in desperate need to shake things up. This next season has to be one that the Lakers will make the difference and at least become a playoff – caliber team. At the same time, Mitch Kupchak will be looking for affordable solutions and Luol Deng seems to be the right fit in LA. Deng will form a nice pair with Kobe Bryant if he heads to LA and the Lakers will at least have found solid player to build their future around.

Houston Rockets

Houston is seeking for that last piece of the puzzle, the player who can take the team to the next level and make it a legit championship contender. The addition of Dwight Howard was enough to make the Rockets a powerhouse in the West but Houston knows that it has to add more talent to reach the top. The Rockets have been searching for a superstar since the beginning of the 2013 – 2014 season. Several names were thrown on the table, while the Rockets actively tried to agree on a trade with the Boston Celtics for Rajon Rondo. Carmelo Anthony still remains a target and Kevin Love is another one. But how about a starting five of Patrick Beverly, Harden, Chandler Parsons, Deng and then Howard manning the middle? Seems to be a very good one right?

Washington Wizards

After years of struggle, it now seems that the Washington Wizards are on the right path. They made it to the Conference Semis this season and they are looking to establish their position as a force in the East for the years to come. With Trevor Ariza becoming an unrestricted free agent this summer, the Wizards will certainly examine all their available options. Luol Deng seems to be a great one, as he will help the Wizards on the defensive end and provide a veteran voice in the locker room, mentoring the young members of the team.

Dallas Mavericks

Mark Cuban is looking for ways to upgrade his team and Luol Deng, alongside Carmelo Anthony, are two of his top targets for the summer. The Mavs are not nearly as powerful as they were back in 2011 but they are still a playoff – caliber team. In an effort to become a bit closer to championship contention, the acquisition of Luol Deng makes total sense.

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