NBA — 06 June 2014
The Air Conditioning Has Been Repaired at the AT&T Center

Nobody wished for game 1 of the Finals to end the way it did. The malfunctioning air conditioning which led to LeBron cramping up, is all anyone is talking about, rather than Xs and Os.

That an AC unit would stop working on that stage is unfathomable. How does that even happen?

The good news is that is is reportedly working now. If not, can’t blame Miami if they decide not to play on Sunday. Her’s a statement from Spurs Sports & Entertainment, which runs the AT&T Center:

“The electrical failure that caused the AC system outage during Game 1 of the NBA Finals has been repaired. The AC system has been tested, is fully operational and will continue to be monitored. The upcoming events at the AT&T Center, including the Ramon Santos concert tonight (Friday), the Stars game on Saturday and Game 2 of the NBA Finals, will go on as scheduled. We apologize for the conditions in the arena during last night’s game.”

H/T: Probasketballtalk

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