NBA — 10 June 2014
Phil Jackson on Derek Fisher: “He’s Hip-Hop Ready”

Derek Fisher was officially introduced as New York Knicks head coach on Tuesday. Along with Phil Jackson and Steve Mills, coach Fisher took questions from the assembled New York media.

One question in particular was aimed at Phil where he was asked to explain what made Derek so attractive for this role, given he has zero coaching experience.

Because Derek is only a few weeks removed from being active, he can still connect with today’s player. That is what Phil was trying to express when he answered with his classic smirk, “[Derek] is hip-hop ready to get going with these guys and their language.”

“Their” language? Whose language? What language?

This may not be a huge deal in the grand scheme, and I understand Phil’s point as it was said in a playful, slightly ignorant manner. But he surely chose a poor way to state how he feels. Just makes you wonder how he would’ve anwered that question if Steve Kerr was sitting next to him.

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