NFL — 11 June 2014
Navorro Bowman Disagrees with His #47 Ranking on

Each offseason ranks the top 100 players in football. The very thought of this endeavor is flawed. The ranking should be done solely by position, not overall (although, technically you can sort by position).

Football is the worst sport in the world to make a “who is best player?” list. Seriously, how can you gauge if Drew Brees is better at what he does than Darrelle Revis is at what he does? The positions are just too distinct.

This is why Navorro Bowman (who rarely tweets) tweeted his displeasure this evening over his #47 overall ranking, which was announced a little while ago:

Again, it’s impossible to say LB Bowman is a “worse” football player than RB Frank Gore, who was ranked 46th. What’s the measure? Here’s Bowman’s reaction:



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