NBA — 27 June 2014
LeBron Happy Heat Traded For Shabazz Napier

The Miami Heat need better production from their point guard position if they’d like to remain elite. During the NCAA tournament, as UConn was heading towards their 4th National Championshp in the last 15 seasons, LeBron tweeted the following regarding Shabazz Napier:

That’s pretty high praise to say the least. Throughout the course of the week leading up to the draft, it was rumored that the Heat would take Napier in order to make LeBron happy and to convince him to stay in Miami. I don’t know how true that is, but it was interesting when the Hornets drafted Napier 24th before trading him to the Heat instantly.

Pat Riley, however, says the pick had nothing to do with LeBron. Here’s LeBron on Twitter following the trade news:



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