NBA — 12 June 2014
Kurt Rambis “Favorite” to Land Lakers Job

The Lakers have intereviewed Byron Scott, Kurt Rambis and Alvin Gentry over the past few weeks and it appears as if it will come down to one of those three men. Initially, it sounded like Scott had the inside track, but that may not be the case.

According to Bleacher Report, Rambis has emerged as the favorite. Also, it was previously reported that the Lakers were waiting to find out LeBron’s free agency decision before choosing a coach. Perhaps that wasn’t true.

Rambis also remains a favorite for the Lakers’ head-coaching position, according to league sources. The Lakers have interviewed at least a half-dozen coaches, but sources say they are focused on three primary candidates: Rambis, Alvin Gentry and Byron Scott.

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  1. How would hiring Rambis be different than hiring any of Jim Buss’ other bartender friends to coach the Lakers?

    I like Kurt. I was a spiritual member of the “Rambis Youth” back in the day. But Rambis just seems like such a feeble “splash,” if Kurt’s hiring is the FOs answer to the promise they made to the team and the fans in the spring. One thing for sure, Jim Buss will not be threatened by making Kurt our coach.

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